My Recommended SIBO Resources: Books and Online Groups

Hi friends,

With so much information (a lot of it conflicting and not consistent), I know the process of figuring out even basic things like “What is SIBO?” can be overwhelming. That’s why I put together a short list of helpful resources that can help you get started in your research, and save you some time and energy (I know we don’t have a lot of that to spare, when you have SIBO!)

The below lists link to my favorite resources from experts I frequently keep updated with, and books I have actually read and found useful and informative for both SIBO and health in general.

The SIBO Facebook groups are also extremely useful, with so much information and helpful, supportive and knowledgeable members, who help answer your questions. Please feel free to join these Facebook groups, as I am confident they will be a great addition to your healing journey!

SIBO/Health Experts


Facebook Groups

Below are my (highly) suggested Facebook groups, that have not only given me access to so much useful information, but also connected me to amazing people who I am now friends with!

Having such a strange and often not-taken-serious illness can sometimes make us feel isolated, lonely and depressed. Having the opportunity to get the support we need, have questions we have answered fairly quickly from other members, and being able to connect and share with others like us, makes all the difference!

SIBO discussion/support group

SIBO Survivors: A Guide to Healing and Living With SIBO

SIBO SOS Community

I hope you find the above just as helpful as I did, in your healing and research journey! If you have any resources you personally found helpful, please share below in the comments! I can guarantee you that many others will also find them to be useful, and would appreciate the reference 🙂

Happy reading!

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